Secure Flight and APIS data collection for your trip

Important information regarding your trip to the following destinations:

  • USA
  • Dominican Republic
  • Canada
  • Cuba
  • Cape Verde Islands
  • Mexico
  • Antalya
  • Marrakesh
  • Agadir 

As part of the Secure Flight Program of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), since November 1, 2010 it is required to provide additional personal information for U.S. flights, including first and last names, birth date, gender/form of address, middle name (if applicable) (Secure Flight Data). This also applies for flights to the Dominican Republic (except direct flights), Canada, Cuba and Mexico. This information must be provided to the airlines at the latest by 72 hours prior to departure. If the information provided is incomplete or incorrect, the TSA will not approve the printed airline boarding pass and will deny entry. There may be additional charges or the airline could cancel the flights.

In addition, for flights to the USA, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Marrakesh, the Cape Verde Islands and from Antalya, airlines are legally obligated to provide data to the respective agencies using the "Advance Passenger Information System" (APIS). Directly after you book your flight, you can use the option to enter your data in the APIS/Secure Flight form (APIS Advance Passenger Information System). You can also access the APIS/Secure Flight form when you access your booking again through the respective airline. If you do not have your travel documentation at hand during the booking procedure, you can enter the required information afterwards, but at least 96 hours before departure.

Here you will find all of the necessary information from the various airlines:

For TUIfly flights, click here.
For departures on or after 9 Nov. 2014 to Mexico with TUIfly, operated by Thomson Airways: If the TSA information is not property entered in the period before starting travel and the data must be entered subsequently at check-in, a fee will be charged in the amount of EUR 5.00 per person.

For Condor flights, click here.
For departures on or after 5 May 2014 to Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the USA and Canada with Condor: If the TSA information is not properly entered in the period before starting travel and the data must be entered subsequently at check-in, a fee will be charged in the amount of EUR 5.00 per person.

For Air Berlin flights, click here.

For Lufthansa flights, click here.

Since January 2009, traveling into the USA requires registering online and since 20 March 2010, airlines are obligated to use the ESTA check. Providing the TSA information does NOT preclude filling out the ESTA form for trips to the USA or connecting flights through the USA. It is prohibited to transport flight passengers that are entering the USA without a visa under the "Visa Waiver Program" if the passenger has not received prior electronic approval for entry from the U.S. agency. Registration for this approval can be carried out online using the "Electronic System for Travel Authorization" - abbreviated as "ESTA". Please note that without a visa or without ESTA registration you are no longer permitted to board your flight into the USA. Further information is available on the official website of the American Embassy »

Please note that German citizens do not need a visa for a single entry into the Dominican Republic for a stay of up to 60 days. At the point of entry, a tourist pass must be purchased for USD 10, which is valid for 60 days, and the round trip flight ticket must be presented. For a tourist related stay of more than 60 days, an application for an extension must be made at the respective foreign embassy (Departamento de Extranjería, Dirección General de Migración) for which a fee will be charged.

We recommend that you inquire about the currently applicable instructions regarding visas and entering a country at the country's embassy or consulate.