Electronic devices on board


As soon as we reach our final flying altitude and the fasten seat belts sign has been switched off, you can use certain electronic devices on board. These include MP3 players, cameras, games consoles, eReaders, mobile telephones, smartphones and tablet PCs with deactivated transmitting and receiving functions. To use these devices on board, please activate flight mode before take-off and then switch the device off. For laptops, please deactivate the WLAN function before take-off and switch the device off as well. After we reach our final flying altitude, you can switch your device on again and use it until the fasten seat belts sign is switched on again and we start our descent. During take-off and landing, please store your electronic devices in your carry-on baggage.

For safety reasons, the use of the following is prohibited: mobile telephones not in flight mode, radio transmission devices, remote controlled toys, UMTS, radio receivers, GPS receivers and similar items. If you would like to use other electronic devices, please ask the cabin personnel before using them.