At the foot of a cape on Corsica's northernmost point lies Bastia, a picturesque trading center. Bastia's old town is known for its impressive citadel. In the city's narrow streets, staircases and archways often take the place of streets. Somehow visitors always end up at the Vieux Port de Bastia. The old harbor is busy all year long, event though the new harbor is the island's actual trading port and ferry terminal. The St. Nicholas beach separates the new harbor from Vieux Port. 40,000 of Corsica's 250,000 residents live in Bastia. In the summer high season, the city and the surrounding beaches are often crowded. Bastia is a good starting point for visitors to discover this austere and mountainous island with its steep, rugged coasts and ancient, untouched forests by motorcycle, rental car or mountain bike.

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From the airport to Bastia

Name: Bastia-Poretta Airport (BIA)
Location: approx. 20 km south of Bastia

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