Following Oslo, Bergen is Norway's second largest city. This old trading center is located directly on the ocean in the southern Fjordland. The characteristic architecture here features many colorful façades and reddish brown wooden houses. Many were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. The part of the city known as Bryggen, located directly on the harbor, is particularly worth visiting. German Hansa businessmen used to live here. St. Mary's Church is quite old, built in the 12th century. From the main city, visitors can take the inclined railway up to Fløyfjell. In addition, from Bergen you can also take a day trip to the famous Hardanger fjord and the Vøringfoss waterfalls. And the fishing in the region's countless rivers and lakes is fantastic.

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From the airport to Bergen

Name: Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO)
Location: approx. 15 km southwest of Bergen

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