The capital of Colombia, Bogotá, is located in the middle of the country, 2600 m above sea level on a fertile plateau in the Andes. The city's climate is moderate, with an annual average temperature of 13.3 degrees Celsius. Many historical landmarks remain here, including the capitol, the Cardinals' Palace and the cathedral, built in the classical style, on Plaza Bolivar. Among the city's most beautiful churches are San Ignacio and Santa Clara. And there is a gold museum with over 100,000 pre-Columbian pieces on exhibit. The pilgrimage site of Montserrat is located beyond and above the city. Here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire area. An aerial cableway transports visitors to the top of the mountain. Nightlife: The quarter of the city known for its nightlife is located around Calle 82, where numerous bars and restaurants can be found.

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From the airport to Bogotá

Name: El Dorado International Airport (BOG)
Location: approx. 8 km northwest of Bogotá

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