The cities of Borlänge and Falun are located in the Swedish province of Dalarna. They are about 150 kilometres northwest of Stockholm. Falun is famous for its mines which, together with the blue-collar district and the industrial landscape, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The Daläven River flows through Borlänge, the larger of the two cities. Borlänge was first mentioned in written records as early as 1390.

However, for a long time it remained an insignificant village. Economic development first got started in Borlänge in the second half of the 19th century: in 1875 it was connected to the Swedish railroad network and in 1877, the steel plant started operation. This resulted in a rapid growth in population. Today the city is an important industrial centre and railroad hub. Together with Falun, Borlänge is the home of Dalarna University. South of the city is the regional Dala Airport.

Borlänge is the home of famous bands, such as Mando Diao and Sugarplum Fairy. Since 1999 a large annual music and culture festival has taken place here. The "Peace & Love" festival, averaging 25,000 visitors per year, is now one of the largest in Sweden.

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Name: Dala Airport (BLE)
Location: approx. 8 km south of Borlänge

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