Boston is the capital of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, which can hardly be pronounced. To avoid this challenging tongue twister, just say that you're flying to the east coast, to the largest city in New England. Boston, a prosperous city, harbors many contrasts. On the one hand is the old Boston, with its Victorian houses, winding streets and immaculately trimmed lawns in the city parks.

On the other is the modern skyline with the highest observation point in New England, the 60 storey John Hancock Observatory. A harbor tour offers the best view of the skyline. Those who are interested in Boston's historical sites can simply follow the red line indicating the Freedom Trail. Boston played a significant role in resisting British colonial rule, which finally erupted into the American Revolutionary War. Boston National Historical Park demonstrates part of this history. Across the Charles River from Boston is Cambridge, home of the world famous Harvard University. It is the oldest university in the USA. North of Boston is Salem, where the infamous witch trials took place in 1692. To the west is Concord, one of the USA's most beautiful older cities. New Bedford is a restored whaling town, which also appears in Melville's novel "Moby Dick".

The nearby coastal region, Cape Cod is a popular holiday destination, with 400 km of beautiful beaches and many charming fishing villages. The "Mohawk Trail" is located just two hours away from Boston. This legendary Indian trail winds through the forests of the Berkshire Hills, where the fabulous coloring of the leaves during Indian Summer astounds visitors. By the way, Boston is a great starting place for a trip around New England in a rental car.

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Name: Boston Logan Airport (BOS)
Location: approx. 5 km of Boston

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