Wrocław, a city of 630,000 residents, is located in southwestern Poland. It lies on the banks of the Oder River at the centre of a region well-known for agriculture and mining for centuries.

The city's origins go back to the Bohemian settlers that established a fortified town on the island where the cathedral is now located. With its two 98 m towers, the Wrocław Cathedral is the city's current landmark. In addition to the cathedral, there are many other sacred structures from a wide variety of epochs. Especially noteworthy is the Gothic Church of Our Lady on the Sand from the 14th century.
The impressive city hall with its beautiful astronomical clock is also built in the Gothic style. In the area around the old marketplace and the salt market are many magnificent townhouses. Every year in May, the beautiful marketplace becomes the stage for a famous international jazz festival.

Over 90 kilometres of canals and tributaries of the Oder River flow through the city, which has more than 100 bridges.

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From the airport to Wrocław

Name: Copernicus Airport Wrocław (WRO)
Location: approx. 11 km west of the city center of Wrocław

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