Chennai, capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, is the fourth largest city in India with 4.7 million residents. Formerly called Madras, this city on the Bay of Bengal was an important hub during the days of the British Empire, and for this reason, visitors can still admire many colonial buildings in Chennai. The oldest British structure is Fort St. George, established in 1640. A visit to the fort is highly recommended because the Fort Museum also includes the history of Chennai. In addition, St. George also contains the parliament of the state of Tamil Nadu.

The Madras High Court, built in 1892, is a significant example of the so-called Indo-Saracenic style, which unites European, Indian and Islamic influences. This impressive red structure, with a dome that can be seen from quite a distance, is a landmark in Chennai. The university and the two train stations were also built in the Indo-Saracenic style. Even today, there are not very many high-rise buildings in Chennai, so that despite the large number of residents, the city still retains its flair as a smaller market town.

Chennai is also known as the cradle of the Dravidian civilization, which developed one of the oldest written languages in the world. Furthermore, Chennai is a well-known centre for temple sculptures and home of the classical Indian dance forms.

Many fantastic beaches and holiday spots are located near Chennai, for example Covelong, Fisherman’s Cove and Mamallapuram. There are also many other recommended destinations for excursions in the state of Tamil Nadu, including Kanchipuram, with its numerous temples and city gates adorned with statues of the gods, or Madurai in the interior, with its large, busy temple. Tiruchirapalli is also worth a visit. The city`s landmark is an impressive fortress on rocky cliffs. Further to the south along the coast is Pondicherry, a pretty city built in the typical French colonial style.

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Name: Chennai International Airport (MAA)
Location: approx. 16 km from the city centre of Chennai

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