Cluj-Napoca is the capital of Cluj county, located in Transylvania. The city was established by German settlers in the 13th century and was known for quite a while as Klausenburg. A city of 300,000 residents, Cluj-Napoca is Romania`s fourth largest city. It is located in the western part of Transylvania surrounded by a landscape dominated by mountains and forests. A moderate continental climate is found here; that is, the summers are hot and the winters cold. Cluj is one of Transylvania`s most important cultural centres. Cluj is also the cultural centre for the Hungarian minority living in Romania. The historical buildings in the well-preserved old town bear witness to the city`s varied history. St. Michael`s Church, the city`s landmark, is a sacred structure, built in the medieval Gothic style. In addition, there are many Renaissance style structures and noble baroque palaces in Cluj. The museum square and the narrow car-free streets nearby are popular for taking a stroll and enjoying the numerous cafés.

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From the airport to Cluj-Napoca

Name: Cluj-Napoca International Airport (CLJ)
Location: approx. 8 km from the city centre of Cluj-Napoca

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