Gorgeous beaches, proud residents and wonderful cuisine promise unforgettable holidays in Crete. Especially the mix of old with the new makes the island so unique. Just 5 km south of the island's modern capital city of Heraklion is Knossos - the largest center of Minoan culture.
In the northeastern section of the island is Crete's most beautiful harbor city, Chania. Here you can immerse yourself in the narrow, winding streets of the old town with its tiny, colorful houses or enjoy the view of the picturesque Venetian harbor. Visitors that enjoy a challenging walk should definitely take a tour of the Samaria Gorge. Europe's longest gorge offers spectacular, steep walls and can be reached easily from Chania.

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From the airport to Chania

Name: Chania International Airport (CHQ)
Location: 14 km east of city centre

All information is subject to change.


From the airport to Heraklion

Name: Airport Heraklion (HER)
Location: approx. 4 kilometres east from the city centre

All information is subject to change.


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by Taxi approx. 9 €