Together with Dallas, the 700,000 residents of the city of Fort Worth are form the Dallas-Fort-Worth metroplex. Just 50 kilometers separate these two Texas metropolises. The elegant stores in Dallas offer visitors tremendous shopping options. And a wide variety of excellent restaurants await you as well. The glass elevator in Reunion Tower whisks visitors up to the 50th floor. There you can enjoy a super, all-encompassing view of the area from the viewing deck and in the restaurant, which rotates. In addition to the modern buildings and skyscrapers, there are also a few historical sites in Dallas. In the West End Historic District are buildings from the 19th century that now house businesses, restaurants and museums. The Old City Park presents a historic street scene from the settlement days, including a school and a church.

From Dealey Plaza onlookers witnessed the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. In the Sixth Floor Museum, a chronology of the events is displayed. There are also many other interesting museums in Dallas. In particular, the dinosaur exhibit in the Natural History Museum is highly recommended. Families will enjoy Penny Whistle Park, the Dallas Aquarium, the Farmers' Market and the Dallas Zoo.

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From the airport to Dallas/Fort Worth

Name: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
Location: 35 km of Dallas and Fort Worth

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