Helsingborg is a city of 100,000 residents in the southern Swedish province of Scania. It is located on the narrowest section of the Öresund. Because of its strategic location on this narrow strait, Sweden and Denmark were always in contention over Helsingborg. In the 14th century, Helsingborg was among the most important cities in Denmark. Its castle was one of the most secure fortresses in all of northern Europe. After the Battle of Helsingborg in 1710, the city finally belonged to the Swedish crown.

The Kärnan castle tower is all that remains of the former fortress complex. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Helsingborg. The viewing platform, surrounded by battlements, offers a tremendous view of the Öresund Sound. The city hall, built in 1857, is another interesting attraction, along with the Stortorget staircase and the 12th century Church of St. Mary.

The open air theatre in the Fredriksdal outdoor museum is known throughout Sweden. At this museum, visitors can see historical farm complexes from various regions in Scania and a few old townhouses from Helsingborg.

In addition to some fantastic restaurants, Helsingborg has one of the higher densities of taverns in all of Sweden. Moreover, Helsingborg is home to many inviting beaches and and swimming areas, many of which can be reached in a short walk from the city centre. There is also the "Tropical Beach", a constructed beach with palm trees and sun loungers located right at the entrance to the inner harbour. One of the most popular beaches is the Öresund Beach farther to the north. The "Viking Beach", located in the far northern section of the city, is also accessible to disabled visitors. To the south of Helsingborg the Öresund Sound is very shallow, so families with young children often come here.

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Name: Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport (AGH)
Location: approx. 35 km north of Helsingborg

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