Ho-Chi-Minh City, as the former Vietnamese capital is now known, named for the revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh, is a modern metropolis with 7 million residents. But in some ways, it has retained the charm from its days as a French colonial city. In addition to the touristy city center, District 1, the Chinese quarter of the former Saigon, Cholon, is particularly interesting for tourists. The panoramic variety of the city here features cafés, markets and shops. The most significant sightseeing opportunities here include the Dragon House Wharf, the Giac-Lam Pagoda (1744) and the Historical Museum.  In many of the cafés on De Tham Street, inexpensive day trips to the Mekong Delta or to the famous Vietcong tunnel system near Cu Chi can be booked.

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From the airport to Ho Chi Minh City

Name: Ho Chi Minh City Airport (SGN)
Location: approx. 6 km north of city centre

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