Many of the buildings in Inverness, the largest city in northern Scotland, were built in the 17th century. However, Inverness Castle was built later, in 1835, on the grounds of the previous medieval structure. Southwest of Inverness is the famous Loch Ness. On an overcast, foggy day sitting on the banks of this long, fjordlike lake with a bottle of single malt Scotch, you'll likely have the best chances for seeing the Loch Ness Monster and for escaping from the tourist hype promoting "Nessie". The Scottish Highlands are located northwest of Inverness. For this reason, Inverness is an important transportation center and functions as the gateway to the legendary landscape of the Scottish Highlands, which invites visitors to long strolls and longer hikes. As you move north, the ruggedness of the landscape increases. The Isle of Skye and the steep coasts in the north are the highlight of any trip to Scotland.

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From the airport to Inverness

Name: Inverness Airport (INV)
Location: 15 km north of Inverness

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