Kuwait City is the capital of the emirate of Kuwait on the Persian Gulf. It is a rich city with skyscrapers, luxury hotels and well maintained gardens and parks. The Kuwait Towers, which can be seen from quite a distance, look like two huge, upside down tees onto which three golf balls have been skewered. The "balls" are used as water tanks. The whole ensemble is completed with a smaller, spiked tower without a ball. The city's oldest building is the Seif Palace built in 1896, which houses the offices of the emirs and the ministers. The Sadu House near the Kuwait Museum was built out of coral and plaster and houses a museum for Bedouin art and culture. The huge Grand Mosque in the city centre is worth a visit too. A remarkable private collection of Islamic art can be found in the Tareq Rajab Museum. A very popular day trip destination is the island of Failaka, which is 30 kilometres from Kuwait City in the Persian Gulf. On the beaches on the southern part of the island are a few large holiday resorts with swimming pools, athletic facilities and restaurants.

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Name: Kuwait International Airport (KWI)
Location: approx. 20 km fromt the city centre of Kuwait

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