This harbour city is a paradise for those who enjoy fresh seafood and a fantastic starting point for a beach holiday on the French Atlantic coast. The islands of Ile d’Oléron and Ile de Ré, with their long, white sand beaches are both connected to the mainland and easy to reach. Here you can feel the fresh Atlantic breeze tingle in your nose and then you can enjoy a few fresh oysters. In the Old Town of La Rochelle you can stroll through the little boutiques during the day and then get something to eat in one of the many fine bistros and restaurants. The best view of the old harbour, surrounded by three towers, is from the Tour de la Lanterne.

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From the airport to La Rochelle

Name: La Rochelle Airport (LRH)
Location: 5,1 km west of city centre

All information is subject to change.


Information Time Price
Parking 0-30 min.
30-60 min.
1-2 hours
2-4 hours
4-6 hours
6-9 hours
9-12 hours
12-24 hours
each additional day 
1.00 €
3.00 €
4.00 €
5.00 €
6.00 €
8.00 €
4.00 €
by Taxi duration approx. 10 min.
by Bus more info