The sun-drenched region of Calabria is located at the toe of the Italian boot. Every town is more or less seaside. And endless sand and pebble beaches extend along the coast. Ideal for a beach holiday. But active athletes can also enjoy an adrenaline rush here: for example, rafting in the gorges of the Lao River. Also called the Cedri Riviera, or the Citrus Coast, this area is named for the "cedro" (Citrus medica). The scent of these thick-skinned citrus fruits fills the area.

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From the airport to Lamezia Terme

Name: International Airport Lamezia Terme (SUF)
Location: 14.7 km southwest of the city centre

All information is subject to change.


Information Time Price
parking Up to 2 hours
up to 6 hours
up to 12 hours
up to 18 hours
up to 24 hours
up to 36 hours
up to 96 hours
up to 120 hours
up to 148 hours
7 days
each subsequent day
2 €
3 €
6,50 €
8,50 €
10 €
13,50 €
26 €
29 €
32 €
35 €
3 €