Lviv, which means "lion", is a city in western Ukraine, just 80 kilometres from the Polish border. It is one of the most mystical and beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. The old town of this metropolis of 700,000 is a UNESCO World Heritage site. No wonder - Lviv can look back on a long and varied cultural history, which is reflected in its impressive architecture. In the old town, visitors can admire the magnificent constructions of various eras and styles - starting with the Renaissance and Baroque periods and then moving on to Classicism and Art Nouveau and on to Art Deco. In addition to the influence of its Ukrainian and Polish residents, this former capital of the Kingdom of Galicia was clearly also formed by German, Jewish and Armenian segments of the population. Comparable to Vienna, Prague and Budapest, this city landscape is strongly influenced by the imperial and royal Habsburg charm and style. Especially worth a visit are the opera house, the city hall and the magnificent marketplace, ringed by proud townhouses. Moreover, the obligatory sights on every city tour include High Castle, St. George`s Cathedral, Stryjski Park and the university. But Lviv is also a young, vibrant city with youthful residents and a lively arts and culture scene.

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From the airport to Lviv

Name: Lviv 'Danylo Halytskyi' International Airport (LWO)
Location: approx. 7 km from the city centre of Lviv

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