The beautiful capital of the western African country of Gabon is located directly on the ocean. Translated, Libreville means "the free city". It has about 570,000 residents and is the country's largest city. Particularly worth a visit are the arts and crafts village and the Musée National, in which some of the most beautiful wooden carvings in Africa can be found. The Fang carving style influenced Picasso's sculptures and busts. Visiting the beautiful Peyrie Gardens in the city centre and the popular Akebe and Nombakele quarters is also recommended. In addition, you should also see the Cathedral of St. Michael with its mosaics and wooden carvings. And those who would like to experience even more can take a tour of the harbour and stroll through the Mont-Boouét market. Here you can buy tuna, barracuda and even shark.

From Libreville, a road winds through a primeval forest of huge trees to Cap Estéria, where an impressive coastal panorama awaits you. With a bit of luck, you can even watch a humpback whale ballet. Another recommended day trip includes the Kinguele waterfalls on the M’Bei River. In Lambaréné, where Albert Schweitzer was based, you can visit the hospital he founded. In addition, adventure outings to the rapids of the Okano in the Okanda National Park can be organized. To the east is the region of the Bateke plateau. The landscape here is a mixture of savannah and forest through which a few wild rivers run. Courageous visitors can cross the Poubara River on a wooden liana bridge.

Gabon is also home to many species of animals. With some luck, forest elephants, gorillas, panthers, buffalo, crocodiles, monkeys and parrots can be seen in Gabon's 13 national parks and animal preserves.

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From the airport to Libreville

Name: Leon M'ba International Airport (LBV)
Location: approx. 11 km from the city centre of Libreville

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