The houses, washed in tones of ochre and red have lent Marrakech the name "red city". And this colourful Berber metropolis does not hide its allure. In this royal city you will not only find the most impressive city gate in Morocco, but also the country's most beautiful Koran school. On the lively Djemaa el Fna square you can immerse yourself in the secret Moroccan world of snake charmers, fire eaters, water sellers and faith healers. And if you're seeing too much red, then how about a bit of green, for a change: one of the country's most magnificent golf courses is located right next to the red city.

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From the airport to Marrakech

Name: Marrakesch-Menara Airport (RAK)
Location: approx. 6 km south-west from the city centre

All information is subject to change.


Information Time Price
by Taxi approx. 10 - 15 dh
(fixed price recommended)
by Bus bus no. 11 to Djemaa el Fna every 20 min. duration approx. 30 min.