This capital of Belarus, with 1.8 million residents, is also the country`s largest city. Moreover, it is the country`s economic and cultural centre with numerous colleges, theatres and museums.

Near the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in the picturesque old town is the old Bernardine convent built in 1628, the city hall, reconstructed according to historical building plans, and the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Mary. Next to the old town is Trinity Suburb, or just Trinity, a reconstructed old town quarter from the 19th century. The river promenade along the Svislach River connects several park spaces within the city. Central squares in Minsk include Lenin Square where a red brick Catholic church is located, Victory Square and Oktyabrskaya (October) Square, where the Palace of the Republic is located, which has become the central location for demonstrations. Among the most significant remnants of the Soviet period are the magnificent downtown boulevard (now called Independence Boulevard) and the opera house. About five kilometres northwest of the city is Minsk Lake, a reservoir that is a popular recreation destination for Minsk residents.

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From the airport to Minsk

Name: Minsk National Airport (MSQ)
Location: approx. 7 km from the city centre of Minsk

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