Molde is a small city of 25,000 residents located on the Moldefjord on Norway`s southwest coast. Due to the Gulf Stream, Molde enjoys a mild climate and is also known as the "city of roses". Usually these tender flowers grow much further to the south. Many types of deciduous trees that usually grow in central Europe such as chestnut, maple, oak, common beech and ash can be found in protected areas around Molde. The city was founded in the mid-15th century and grew quickly due to plentiful wood resources and herring exports. However, due to the destruction that took place during World War II, only a few of the older buildings are still standing. After reconstruction, Molde is now a young, modern city with a striking number of pretty, well-maintained gardens.

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Name: Molde Airport (MOL)
Location: approx. 5 km from the city centre of Molde

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