Nagoya is an important Japanese industrial and harbour city on the Pacific. With 2.2 million residents, Nagoya is Japan`s fourth largest city, following Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. Just outside of the city lies the headquarters of the Toyota automobile company. The area around Nagoya is also known as Chukyo ("between the capitals), referring to its location between Tokyo and the former capital of Kyoto. Nagoya is also a centre for traditional arts and crafts.

Popular day trip destinations around Nagoya are the Ise-Shima National Park and, of course, the famous Mount Fuji, Japan`s highest mountain. The Fuji Five Lakes area and Hakone, a resort with hot springs, are also worth a visit.

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From the airport to Nagoya

Name: Chūbu Centrair International Airport (NGO)
Location: approx. 33 km south of Nagoya

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