The winds sweeping around the Statue of Liberty carry the current Zeitgeist into the city, filling it with creative energy. Trends are set in this metropolis, from Wall Street to Fashion Week. Take an exotic trip into Chinatown, an artistic trip through the Museum of Modern Art or a trip into the 19th century on an excursion through Brooklyn. Variety, multiple cultures and superlatives in every aspect are all part of what New York has to offer. If you would just like an overview at first, take a deep breath as you look down from the top of the Empire State Building.

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From the airport to New York

Name: John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)
Location: 27,6 km southwest of Manhattan

All information is subject to change.


Information Time Price
parking short term parking

long term parking
half an hour
daily maximum

up to 24 hours
each subsequent 8 hour period


per Taxi Duration: approx. 24 min. (up to 1 1/2 hours in heavy traffic) approx. $45
per Bahn tram stop right at the airport