Norrköping is a city of 80,000 residents located on the eastern coast of Sweden. Together with Linköping, it is the capital of Östergötland County. The Motala river system flows through the city, navigating a difference in elevation of 22 metres, so many waterfalls and rapids are found within the city limits. An industrial area lies along the river with old factory buildings from the time of the industrial revolution between 1850 and 1917 when Norrköping was a centre of the textile industry. Some of these factory buildings are in ruins now, while others are have new purposes, such as a museum, a university institute and the practice area for the symphony orchestra.

The city centre is located around the Gamla torget square. It is surrounded by houses built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Besides Gothenburg and Stockholm, Norrköping is the only city in Sweden in which there are still streetcars in use in local traffic.

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From the airport to Norrköping

Name: Norrköping Airport (NRK)
Location: approx. 4 km from the city centre of Norrköping

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