Odense has 200,000 residents and is the third largest city in Denmark. It is located on the island of Funen, which is connected by bridges to both the Danish mainland and the main island of Zealand, where the capital of Copenhagen is located. Odense is especially well known in Denmark as a city of gardens. In many the well maintained parks and gardens are historical fortresses, castles and manor houses. In addition, Odense is the birthplace of the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. To honour him, every year in July and August the Hans Christian Andersen festival takes place. Moreover, visitors can enjoy the H.-C.-Andersen Museum and see his childhood residence.

A tip for summer visitors: South of Funen are the smaller islands of Langeland, Tåsinge and Ærø , which feature beautiful beaches and excellent swimming.

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From the airport to Odense

Name: Odense Airport (ODE)
Location: approx. 12 km from the city centre of Odense

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