Orlando is located at the heart of the U.S. state of Florida. Leisure activities make up a large part of everyday life in this city. Believe it or not, there are 47 amusement parks located in and around Orlando. Every year these parks attract more visitors to the city than to New York. The main attractions include Universal Film Studios with the new Harry Potter theme park. The film studios present shows and models based on famous films such as "ET" and "Jaws". In Sea World Adventure Park visitors can see killer whales, dolphins, sea lions and sharks. In the Discovery Cove tropical park, the focus is on tropical ocean dwellers. In Silver Springs you can ride through a jungle landscape in a glass-bottomed boat. In the NASA Kennedy Space Center you can complete astronaut training, among other experiences. If you still haven't experienced enough thrills and entertainment, you could still visit Gatorland Zoo, the largest alligator farm in the world, and the Wonder Works entertainment center. Here you can experience how an earthquake feels or what it's like to be weightless. In addition, Walt Disney World, one of the largest tourist attractions in the USA, is located near Orlando.

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Name: Orlando International Airport (MCO)
Location: approx. 15 km south of Orlando

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