Pointe-Noire is a harbour city on the Atlantic coast in the Republic of Congo. This metropolis of 700,000 is the capital of the Departement Pointe-Noire. It is connected with Brazzaville, the capital, by railroad. Since oil exploration and production began off the coast, Pointe-Noire has become an economic centre for the country. However, since then, the fishing industry has suffered due to water pollution. Every night Pointe-Noire hosts a market that is famous far outside the city.

The country`s finest beaches are in the region of Côte Sauvage. The most popular tourist destination in the Congo is the Virunga National Park in the east on the border with Rwanda and Uganda. This national park is well known primarily for the mountain gorillas that live there.

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From the airport to Pointe-Noire

Name: Antonio Agostinho Neto International Airport (PNR)
Location: approx. 6 km from the city centre of Pointe-Noire

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