Port Harcourt is an important harbour city in southern Nigeria. This city on the Niger delta is also a centre of the oil industry. 1.2 million people now live in Port Harcourt.

With 140 million residents, Nigeria is by far the most populous country in Africa. Nigeria has an unbelievable degree of cultural diversity with 250 different ethnic groups, many with different religious beliefs. Due to political problems and ethnic conflicts, tourism in Nigeria is not well developed. Tourists should plan their stay carefully and gather information from the respective State Department regarding the security situation in Nigeria prior to their trip.

Among the country's greatest attractions is its diversity, with respect to both its people and landscape. On the coast are white sand beaches and lagoons; in the country's interior visitors will find the typical African savannah. In the north, an impressive desert landscape takes over. In the east is the Nigerian high country.

In Nigeria's four large national parks visitors can observe the animals of western Africa in the wild. Another highlight is the Orumiri waterfalls near the city of Akure in the southwestern part of the country.

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Name: Port Harcourt International Airport (PHC)
Location: approx. 30 km north of Port Harcourt

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