Qingdao is a harbour city in the province of Shandong in the eastern part of China. Qingdao can be roughly translated as "green island". Near the end of the 19th century, the city became a colonial trading post for the German empire. From 1897 to 1914 Qingdao was controlled by Germany before it was occupied by Japan at the beginning of World War I. Since that time, Qingdao has grown into a typical Chinese city with over one million residents. Unfortunately, in the building boom that still continues today, many German colonial buildings have been destroyed. However, the most significant structures still remain and are now protected, including the Governor`s Villa, the Evangelical and Catholic churches, the cathedral, the Zhan Qiao pier and the bunker system. Now the people of Qingdao are proud of this architectural heritage from German colonial days. The famous Tsingtao Brewery is also a remnant of this era. Qingdao is one of the most popular resort areas on the Chinese coast. Rare species of fish can be seen in the Qingdao Aquarium. A favourite destination for outings near the city is Lao Shan, with its Taoist temple Taiqing Gong.

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Name: Qingdao Airport (TAO)
Location: approx. 26 km north of Qingdao

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