Incheon is a metropolis of 2.7 million residents on the northwest coast of South Korea. Just 30 kilometres west of Seoul, South Korea's capital, this harbour city is an industrial centre that is also home to the country's most important airport. The subway networks of Incheon and Seoul are connected. Most visitors to South Korea begin their stay with a tour of Seoul. Seoul was the capital during the Joseon dynasty and there are still five palaces remaining from that period. One of the most significant is Changdeokgung Palace. The palace's main gate, used in royal celebrations since the 17th century, is among the city's oldest gates. The "Secret Garden" behind the palace is also worth a visit to see its forested hills, pavilions and ponds. The Deoksugung Palace, the former residence of the king, now houses the National Museum of Art. From Namsan Mountain at the city centre, visitors have a wonderful view of Seoul. The Seoul Tower, a landmark in the city of Seoul, is located on the mountain's peak. From the viewing platform on the television tower there is also a nice view of the neighbouring city of Incheon.

A popular day trip destination is the Namhansanseong Mountain Fortress 30 kilometres southeast of Seoul, which can be easily reached by subway. The surrounding mountains offer many good hiking opportunities.

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Name: Incheon International Airport (ICN)
Location: approx. 70 km west of Seoul

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