Shanghai is one of the world`s largest cities. This city on the Yangtze delta is China`s leading industrial and trading centre - and naturally a flourishing shopping metropolis. And this Chinese harbour city has even more to offer: an interesting old town, well maintained gardens and parks, museums, palaces, pagodas and temples. The small Yu-Yuan Garden is over 400 years old and was designed with many charming details according the plans of ancient garden architecture, including pavilions, stone gardens and lakes. One of the most famous Buddhist temples in Shanghai is the Temple of the Jade Buddha, a reproduction of a palace from the Song dynasty with a 2 metre tall statue made of white jade. Other tourist sites include the Museum of Art and History with items from all of the dynasties on exhibit, the carpet factory, in which visitors can buy carpets and have them shipped, and the Children`s Palace, which once belonged to wealthy businessman and is now available for the children of the city to use. River tours on the Huangpu are a great way to get to know Shanghai from the water.

Pudong is Shanghai`s new economic and high tech district. It is a very new section of the city: it was just in 1990 that building began in earnest in this thinly settled area, but it has been advancing at a rapid pace since then. At the extreme eastern edge of the district is the planned city of Lingang, a city planning project that is being following internationally.

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Name: Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
Location: approx. 35 km east of Shanghai

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