Sundsvall is a harbour city located on the eastern coast of Sweden. It is near Sweden`s geographical centre. After a devastating fire in 1888, only stone houses were allowed to be built at the centre of the city, no more wooden houses. For this reason, the city is often called "Stenstaden". The "Stone City" is the central attraction located around the Stora Torget market square. Norra Berget, the city`s155 metre mountain, offers a beautiful view of Sundsvall. An open air museum and the arts and crafts and maritime museum are located here as well. The Högom grave field (dating back to 400 - 550 A.D.) is two kilometres from the city centre and is the largest in northern Sweden. It includes eleven hill graves and a runestone.

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From the airport to Sundsvall

Name: Sundsvall-Härnösand Airport (SDL)
Location: approx. 20 km north of Sundsvall

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