The capital of Estonia is located on the Gulf of Finland about 80 kilometers south of Helsinki. In 2011 this city, which once belonged to the Hanseatic League, was even named a European Capital of Culture. It's no wonder that Tallinn received this honor: it features a rich array of historical and architecturally interesting structures, a dynamic artistic scene and a wide variety of galleries.

Let's take a walk through the Gothic old town. As we pass Europe's oldest city hall, we walk along the old city walls, which are nearly all intact. The walls include 26 towers. We follow the wall up to Cathedral Hill with its steep drop down to the ocean. Here are the cathedral (Dome Church) and Toompea Castle, from which visitors have a terrific view of the narrow, winding streets and the rooftop gables of the historical old town. Have a look at St. Mary's Cathedral, built in the 13th century. Or admire the Kadriorg Palace with its beautiful Baroque architecture, designed in 1718 by the Italian master architect Nicolo Michetti by order of Peter the Great. The palace is surrounded by one of Tallinn's most beautiful parks, so it is one of most popular destinations for an outing. The Dominican Monastery, established in 1246, is the oldest intact monastery in Estonia. The Botanical Gardens are also worth a visit. Here you can see over 8000 different plants.

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Name: Tallinn-Lennart Meri Airport (TLL)
Location: 4 km of Tallinn

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