Timişoara is the capital of Timis, in western Romania. With slightly more than 300,000 residents, it is one of the country`s largest cities. Timişoara is the economic and cultural centre of western Romania. Until World War II, Danube Swabians made up the largest ethnic group in the city.

More than 15,000 historical buildings in the old town significantly influence the city´s appearance. These buildings represent a unique ensemble of historical architecture. However, most of them are in need of restoration. Due to the architectural influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the picturesque centre of town is also known as "Little Vienna". Of the former nine bastions of the Timişoara fortress, only the Maria Theresia bastion remains today. Many other sacred buildings of a variety of confessions can be visited in Timişoara as well. Fourteen bridges cross the Bega River here. Especially worth visiting is Podul Decebal, where the Neptune Baths are located.

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From the airport to Timişoara

Name: Aeroportul International Traian Vuia (TSR)
Location: approx. 10 km north east of Timisoara

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