The appearance of the colourful Albanian capital is due to both Oriental and Italian influences. The entire centre, including Skanderbeg Square, the government ministry buildings and boulevards, was planned by the Italians in the 1930s. Colourful skyscrapers, exciting museums and green parks demonstrate the friendly, modern side of Tirana. Tip: from the capital, it's not even 30 kilometres to the ocean, so don't forget to pack your bathing suit.

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From the airport to Tirana

Name: Tirana Nënë Tereza Airport (TIA)
Location: approx. 17 km northwest of Tirana

All information is subject to change.


Information Time Price
parking short-stay: 


0 to 15 min.
15 min. to 1 hr.  
1 hr. to 4 hrs.

1 week
1 month

free of charge
150 Lek
240 Lek


3,000 Lek
10,800 Lek
by taxi duration of journey approx. 20-25 min. approx. 2,000 Lek (17 €)
by bus Rinas Express 06.00 - 18.00 250 Lek