The city of Turin, with almost one million residents is located in the Piedmont region in northwestern Italy. Wide boulevards, streets lined with arcades and elegant houses have given Turin the nickname "the Paris of Italy". The Via Roma is the city's largest shopping boulevard. It leads to the Piazza San Carlo, the most popular square in Turin. The City Museum of Ancient Art is located in the Baroque Palazzo Madama. The famous Shroud of Turin, in which Jesus is supposed to have been wrapped after he was crucified, can be seen in the white marble cathedral built in the 15th century.
At beginning of the last century, Turin was the world's automobile capital. It is still at the center of the Italian automobile industry. A curious fact: A test track was built at actual scale on the roof of the main subsidiary of Fiat.
Magical Piedmont: The upper Po River valley is the most fertile and populous area in Italy. In contrast, the mountainous area to the west near the French border is rather thinly settled. To the north lies the beautiful Lago Maggiore. Since Roman times the residents of Turin have traveled to the lake for rest and relaxation. One of Italy's most well-known red wines, Barolo, is produced in the Piedmont region as is Asti Spumante.

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Name: Turin Airport (TRN)
Location: approx. 6 km north of Turin

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