Life on the streets of Valencia is typically Spanish. The city is the place to be for sun seekers. Tip: Calle Passeig de Russafa. There you will find one superb shoe shop after another - and all that at rock bottom prices!

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From airport to Valencia

Name: Valencia Manises (VLC)
Location: approx. 8 km from Valencia

All information is subject to change.


Information Time Price
by bus from/to Valencia ZOB
Mon - Fri every 10 min., Sat every 15 min.,
Sun every 20 min
approx. 45 min. approx. 2 €
approx. 2,50 €
by train from/to Valencia approx. 20 min. 1,80 €
by taxi from/to Valencia city centre approx. 10 min. approx. 15 €
parking per hour commenced,
max. day rate
0,80 €
6,63 €