The banking metropolis of Zurich is located on its picturesque namesake lake. Especially on Bahnhofstraße, the street that leads from the train station to the pier, you have to watch your money carefully as the upscale shops invite you to invest in some luxury. Enjoy a bite in the Café Sprüngli at Paradeplatz before venturing into the taverns located in the narrow, winding streets of the Old Town. Another first rate restaurant is the Kronenhalle, where you can experience the finest in art and cuisine. Here you can below an original Chagall or Picasso painting and enjoy a delicious Swiss style meat dish.

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From the airport to Zurich

Name: Zürich-Kloten Airport (ZRH)
Location: 12.6 km north of the city centre

All information is subject to change.


Information Time Price
parking Fare calculator 15 min.
30 min.
45 min. 
1 hr.
2 hr.
3 hr.
4 hr.
Each subsequent hour
2.00 €
4.00 €
5.00 €
6.00 €
9.00 €
12.00 €
15.00 €
3.00 €
by taxi Trip time: approx. 17 min. approx. 42 €
by bus Bus station directly at the airport
by train S2 to Zürich Trip time: approx. 25 min.