Web Check-in guide

Web check-in: terms of use

1. General information
2. Participants
3. Boarding pass
4. Baggage
5.TUI Card

1. General information

Web Check-in is possible:

Web check-in can be used in the following cases:

  • For all flights with TUI fly (X3) in the period from 30 days to 5 hours before departure. If a seat was reserved, online check-in is free. If a seat was not reserved, check-in starts 48 hours before departure. Exception: For flights from Kos, Web Check-in is generally possible up to 48 hours before departure.
  • If you have an electronic flight conformation (log in using the booking number) or if you are flying with TUI fly in the context of a package trip, e.g. with TUI or 1-2-fly (log in with the tour operator’s booking number)
  • If no attendant service for blind passengers or unaccompanied children was booked
  • If no animal has been registered for travel in the cabin or in cargo.
  • For groups of up to nine people
  • In principle, web check-in is free for every passenger and offers everyone a free seat reservation. If the seat reservation does not meet the passenger’s expectations, another seat can be selected during the web check-in process for a fee and added to the booking.

      2. Logging in to Web check-in

      In order to use Web check-in, you just need the booking number of your flight and the surname of a traveller. Depending upon whether the flight was booked as part of a package tour, using a travel portal or directly at TUIfly.com, both the terminology used and structure of the booking number may differ. In general, the term booking number is used. Other possibilities include: tour operator booking number, transaction number, booking code, file key, reservation number or reference number.

      Please do not use a customer number, invoice number, flight number or agency number to log in


    3. Boarding pass

    The terminal/gate for your flight is listed on the boarding pass. However, at the airport, the terminal or gat can change at any time. Please note any changes that take place at the airport!

    You can load your boarding pass(es) to your iPhone Passbook or Android PassWallet or use it on your smartphone. All boarding passes are sent to an email address. You will receive one email message per boarding pass.

    4. Baggage

    If you are travelling with carry-on baggage only and have already printed your boarding pass during web-check-in, at the airport you can go immediately to your gate.

    If you have already printed out your boarding pass using Web check-in and you would like to check baggage, we recommend that you arrived at least 60 minutes before departure at a check-in or specially designated desk (drop off point) to check your baggage.

    As of 1 April 2015, the baggage drop-off service for the evening before the flight is no longer available.  

    5. TUI Card

    For flight bookings for which the World of TUI Card was used for payment, seats are free (except XL and Comfort seats).

    If the seat fee is not automatically deducted, please contact our service center before you complete the check-in procedure.

    For flight bookings for which the TUI Gold Card was used for payment, the free baggage allowance for one piece of baggage on flights with TUI fly (X3) is 30 kg (for bookings made through a tour operator, other rules may apply).