TUIfly Bistro & TUIfly Café

Since May 2014, we have converted to our new, individual service concept. Visit our new service concept page to see what meals extent you can expect on flights with TUI fly.

"Tasty, tastier, TUI fly!" We are pleased to offer you an even greater selection of culinary delights in our TUI fly Bistro. In addition to our exclusive 3 course meals in the Premium Line that leave nothing to be desired, you will also be able to book tasty salads and snacks from our Bistro for your flight with TUI fly.

You can order your desired meal from the TUI fly Bistro as you book your flight online or afterward, in your travel agency or by telephone in our Service Center at 0180 6000 120 (EUR 0.20 per call from the German landline network, EUR 0.60 per call in mobile networks, technical provider mr. next id) by at least 48 hours before your departure.

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On board: TUI fly Café


If you all of a sudden feel like a snack or need a little something between meals, as of 1 May 2014 we will offer a delicious selection of food and beverages that you can purchase right on board our flights.

Important information

  • You can order your desired meal right as you book your flight.
  • Have you already booked your flight? Up to five days before your departure you can still pre-order your on board meal. If you booked your TUI fly with a tour operator, our Service Center would be glad to help you.
  • After you book your meal, you will receive your meal coupons with the booking confirmation. Please bring these with you to your flight and present them to our flight attendants.
  • Because the meals are always prepared freshly for you, certain ingredients may not be available in some exceptional cases. In this case, products of the same value are used.
  • Please note that orders for Smile-Bistro meals cannot be cancelled and the charge paid cannot be refunded.

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