Electronic devices on board


Small electronic devices such as Smartphones, tablets and ebook readers can be used during any phases on TUI fly flights as long as the flight mode is enabled. On the way to the take-off runway as well as during take-off and landing, these devices must be secured so that they cannot injure others. Larger electronic devices such as laptops can also be used on board. To do so, the flight mode must be enabled and all transmitting and receiving functions must be disabled before take-off.  During the initial ascent, these devices must be switched off and stored safely in carry-on baggage or in the baggage compartments. After cruising altitude has been reached, the devices can be turned on again and used until the fasten seatbelts sign is switched on and the descent begins.

Depending on their size, other devices such as DVD/CD players, electronic games, cameras and MP3 players may be used on board during all phases of a TUI fly flight. Larger devices must be stored securely before take-off and landing.

Electronic devices that have transmission/reception functions but do not have a flight mode are not permitted to be used on board. Bluetooth functions (e.g. for wireless keyboards, headphones, etc.) must be completely turned off during the entire flight. The use of radio receivers, broadcasting devices, television receivers, remote-controlled toys and similar items is also prohibited. In order to use other electronic devices, please ask the cabin crew in advance.

In general, the transport of batteries and electrical, battery-operated devices is only allowed if they are undamaged or not otherwise defective and are not subject to any product recalls.

In addition, all batteries must meet the requirements of the “UN Manual of Tests and Criteria”, Part III, Section 38.3. Evidence of compliance must be provided when the reservation is made or at check-in at the airport, e.g. in a manufacturer’s certificate.

Passengers are required to pay close attention as the safety instructions are given. For this reason, the use of any electronic device is prohibited at this time. Furthermore, the crew may require at any time that all electronic devices be switched off. Among other situations, this applies during special approaching manoeuvres. Our flight attendants will be happy to provide further information at any time.

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