Guests with casts


All passengers who would like to travel by air with broken limbs that are in casts have to comply with the following periods before air travel:

• No flights are allowed within 24 hours after a fracture.
• Only flights with a flight time of less than 2 hours are allowed between 24 hours and 48 hours after a fracture.

The cast must be plastered within the first 7 days after a fracture.
We recommend even for fractures that are older than 7 days that the cast is plastered.
Passengers who are traveling with casts on extremities from the hip and upward only need one seat.
Passengers with a leg cast (thigh down to or including the ankle) must purchase
2 seats because the leg must be elevated during the flight and for safety reasons should not be stretched out in the aisle.
For children with leg casts, the number of additional seats to be booked depends on the size of the child.

All passengers with broken limbs set in plaster casts must provide a physician's certificate confirming that the passenger is allowed to fly. In addition, some airlines require that an indemnity form for sick passengers be signed in order to confirm that the respective passenger has been informed  regarding the risks associated with transportation (swelling of limbs due to low air pressure, tissue damage, circulation problems, risk of thrombosis, etc.).

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