Guests with disablities


We gladly offer assistance to wheelchair passengers, and also transport your wheelchair free of charge in addition to your normal luggage allowance. The wheelchair must be collapsible and must only be equipped with a non-spillable battery. We regret that we do not accept wheelchairs with wet batteries.

If a passenger requires, in addition to its normal wheel chair, a wheelchair for being able to use showers etc., you have to register it beforehand in our Service Centre; the transport is free of charge.
Groups of physically or mentally disabled persons must be registered in our Service Centre.

For space and security reasons, the transport of a wheelchair must be registered and confirmed by our Service Centre. You are only entitled to carriage, if you can present a corresponding confirmation. Wheelchair assistance (from the check-in desk to the machine) is currently provided free of charge for all European flights. Please contact our Service Centre.

We offer free seat reservations to passengers who are dependent on a wheelchair and their accompanying person. Because of official security regulations, these passengers are not permitted to reserve a seat at the emergency exit. The reservation is always made for a seat at the window in especially reserved rows.

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