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Get your desired seat now and make sure you sit together. Reserve one of our new comfort seats or XL seats to have more leg room on your flight.

The fee for all seat reservations is charged per person and per route:


standard-seat front-seat  XL-seat Comfort seat middle (for departures from 01.05.17) Comfort seat
Balearic Islands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria 7 € 12 € 20 € 20 € 25 €

Greece, Portugal (mainland), Spain (mainland), Tunisia, Turkey, Cyprus

10 € 15 € 25 € 25 € 30 €

Egypt, Canary Islands, Madeira, Morocco

13 € 18 € 30 € 30 € 35 €
Cape Verde Islands 15 € 20 € 40 € 40 € 45 €

*Those who travel with pets in the cabin are not permitted to sit on the aisle 

Book request seat now 

Would you like to enjoy more leg room on your TUI fly flight?

Then reserve one of our new Comfort seats now or get more comfort in an XL seat!

With our Comfort seats you get up to 11 cm more leg room and you sit in the front rows of the airplane. Another advantage is that the Comfort seats can be booked by any customer group.

For even more leg room, we recommend our XL seats. With up to 23 cm more leg room, you will be completely relaxed upon arrival at your destination.

Please note that due to the regulating agency's security restrictions, the following persons are not permitted to book XL seats (in the emergency exit row):

  • Babies and children up to 15 years old
  • Those who travel with pets in the cabin
  • Expectant mothers
  • People with physical and/or mental disabilities
  • People with limited mobility due to body size, illness or age
  • Person accompanying a passenger who needs assistance in an emergency situation (e.g. infant/child)
  • People who do not understand, speak or write German or English

In addition, an extension belt may not be used in the emergency exit rows.

When you make a seat reservation in the emergency row, you confirm that these criteria do not apply for you or for the people for whom the booking is made and that you will be supportive of the cabin crew in case of an emergency. If thisis not the case,  the airline is entitled to assign the respective people to other seats without refunding the processing fee. In questionable cases, the decision of the cabin crew is final.

Flights with TUI fly: When you book with a TUI Card, the seat can be booked at no cost; this does not apply for Comfort/XL seats (please note that the TUI Card services do not apply for the bookings of all tour operators).

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