Sports/special baggage


Diving equipment (air tanks must be completely empty) as well as golf, skiing and snowboarding baggage are transported for a non-refundable fee and must be pre-registered in the Service Centre or on the web site of the respective airline. At check-in, the respective airline shall charge a processing fee for sports baggage that has not been pre-registered. This fee may be higher than with pre-registration.

Provided that musical instruments do not exceed the customary size and the customary weight for hand baggage, they can be carried in the cabin as hand luggage without any problems. In case of instruments exceeding the customary size of hand baggage, please contact the Service Centre and ask for confirmation. These instruments will only be carried in the freight hold in a well-packaged condition (hard shell).
For larger items of sports equipment you are, owing to limited hold space, required to pre-book by telephone with our Service Centre and to pay in advance, otherwise these items may be refused carriage at the airport. When booking your flight on, you can on many flights additionally pre-book your sports baggage under “Additional Services”. It is essential that sporting firearms are pre-booked with our Service Centre, stating exact details: make, manufacturer, type, calibre and ammunition. Passengers are responsible for complying with import and export regulations on the carrying of weapons.

Passengers wishing to take bicycles must ensure they are suitably packed. Additionally, the handlebars must be turned inwards, the pedals removed and the air let out of the tyres. The bicycle must be wrapped in a protective layer such as plastic foil or cardboard. Life jackets with CO2 cartridges must be pre-booked by calling the Service Centre. Life jackets and cartridges are carried only in checked luggage. Those taking diving equipment must ensure that scuba tanks are fully emptied and that they are pre-booked as sports baggage. Diving lights must be pre-booked by calling the Service Centre, and must be carried – in a disassembled state – in hand baggage (maximum weight 5 kg). Further information is available in the terms and conditions of carriage for the respective airline. These conditions may vary.    

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