Animals weighing up to 6 kg can be carried in the cabin. They must be carried in a soft, waterproof pet carrier with dimensions that do not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. The animal’s head must not protrude from the transport container and the animal must not leave the container during the flight.

Cats and dogs weighing more than 6 kg are carried in the hold. For the transport in the freight hold, you have to provide a safe and sturdy transport container in which the animal has sufficient room to turn around and to stand up. The container may not exceed a maximum height of 83 cm. Only one animal can be carried per transport container. Under no circumstances may the container be placed on a seat.

All animals must be fitted with a microchip and have the blue EU animal passport, confirming an up-to-date vaccination against rabies.

TUI fly charges a processing fee of EUR 40.00 (GBP 35.00/USD 57.00) per animal and flight segment on international routes and EUR 47.60 on domestic routes for carriage in the cabin, and EUR 60.00 (GBP 53.00/USD 83.00) on international routes and EUR 71.40 on domestic routes for carriage in the hold. You can register your pet when making the booking online and pay the processing fee directly. If you have already booked your flight, you can register your pet afterwards by calling our Service Centre. Each passenger may bring one pet.

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