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In the summer of 2007, Hapag-Lloyd Express (HLX) and Hapagfly merged to form TUIfly. TUI AG, the world's largest tour company, holds a majority of shares in TUI Travel PLC, London, to which the airline belongs. TUIfly flies to the classic holiday regions all around the Mediterranean, the Canary and Cape Verde Islands, Madeira and Egypt for TUI and other tour operators. By the summer of 2010, TUIfly will be using 23 Boeing 737 aircraft to fly to these destinations. TUIfly offers a high degree of quality for a fair price with characteristic reliability, punctuality and safety. TUIfly headquarters are at the Hanover Airport.

Bookings can be made quickly and easily at The TUI smile is not only a part of our logo, but also our promise to provide quality to our customers. TUIfly offers customers more than just transportation. In 2009, almost ten million passengers will fly with TUIfly.

In addition, starting with the winter flight schedule for 2009/10, thirteen TUIfly aircraft with TUIfly crew will be flying for Air Berlin. The flights will use Air Berlin flight numbers and adhere to their product standard. Bookings can also be made at

TUIfly and the environment

TUIfly shows its colours when it comes to protecting our climate
Help protect it too

TUIfly and

We want to make it possible for our passengers to offset the CO2 emissions which are caused during their flight. That's why we are working together with a reputable and independent partner who is committed to various themes concerning the protection of the climate: myclimate.
The myclimate foundation supports projects which aim to directly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore allows definitive climate protection. The projects are successful due to the replacement of fossil fuels and gases with renewable energies or with measures which aim to make the energy more efficient.
myclimate projects must fulfil strict project standards. In addition to reducing greenhouse gases, they must also make a positive and demonstrable contribution to sustainable development and be socially and ecologically compliant.

TUIfly customers support efficient ovens in western Kenya
With the climate contribution, you will be supporting the construction and distribution of efficient cooking ovens. Efficient, locally-produced ovens reduce the consumption of wood and help to preserve the unique vegetation and biodiversity in the forests. The ovens use a clean fuel-burning process and therefore emit less soot, which leads to fewer respiratory infections in women and children. The reduced deforestation and the reduced consumption of wood for burning in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the women do not have to spend as much time looking for firewood.

37,000 ovens should be built and distributed by 2016. These ovens are 40 to 50% more efficient than the traditional open three-stone fireplaces which are currently used for cooking. The ovens are produced locally and therefore not only reduce wood consumption and preserve the unique vegetation of the rainforest, but also create jobs for local people. More info at:

The Swiss non-profit organisation myclimate is one of the world's leading suppliers of voluntary carbon offsetting. Climate protection projects from myclimate stand out because of the compliance with extremely strict criteria. In addition, myclimate creates CO2 balances and gets a better understanding of climate change and climate protection in climate education projects.

myclimate develops and supports projects all over the world which directly reduce greenhouse gases and therefore provide immediate protection to the environment. myclimate climate protection projects fulfil the highest standard (CDM, Gold Standard). They not only reduce harmful emissions, but also contribute to sustainable development in the project regions.

More information about myclimate at
There are intensive discussions concerning greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction of greenhouse gases is - just like climate protection as a whole - a global challenge. You can read more about the subject of the environment at or by clicking here.

Fleet and flight personnel


Our 550 pilots and over 1000 flight attendants are trained according to international standards. On board you will be catered to by motivated, friendly flight attendants. Sit back and enjoy the flight and choose from a selection of snacks and beverages. Our pilots will get you to your destination safely and on time.

The aircraft in TUI's own fleet are seven years old on average.


At the beginning of September 2009, the Federal Cartel Office approved the takeover of the TUIfly city routes by Air Berlin. Starting with the winter schedule for 2009/10 (valid as of 25 October 2009), the commercial responsibility for TUIfly city routes was transferred to Air Berlin. This applies to all domestic German connections and, in particular, routes to Italy and Austria. The TUI tourist routes (e.g. the Balearic and Canary Islands, Turkey) will continue to be marketed with the TUIfly brand.


Since the summer of 2007, Hapagfly and Hapag-Lloyd Express (HLX) have been flying routes in common under the new TUIfly brand. TUI AG, the world's largest tour company, holds a majority of shares in TUI Travel PLC, London, to which the airline belongs. By the summer of 2009, TUIfly was serving a route network of 74 destinations in 16 countries. These included both attractive urban destinations as well as classic holiday regions all around the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and Egypt. A fleet of 44 modern Boeing 737 aircraft departs from fifteen German airports. TUIfly offers high quality for a fair price.


Since it was founded in 1972, Hapag-Lloyd Flug (an airline company) has become one of the leading German holiday destination flight companies. In terms of service, reliability and safety, Hapag-Lloyd Flug (later Hapagfly) continues to set benchmarks. In 2006, the airline transported around 6.7 million passengers. In the summer of 2006, the Hapagfly fleet consisted of 33 Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft.


On 3 December 2002, the first Boeing 737 took off for Hapag-Lloyd Express (HLX), TUI AG's low cost airline. Within just four years, the fleet grew from four to a total of eighteen Boeing 737 aircraft flying a route network including 39 destinations in eleven countries. In 2006 alone, HLX transported around 4.4 million passengers. With its distinct design, similar to that of New York taxis, and the slogan "Fly at taxi fare prices", the airline made its mark in the European low cost flight market.

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