With its cosmopolitan flair and fantastic location, Antalya is the perfect starting point for a trip along the south coast of Turkey.  With a view of the turquoise blue sea in the foreground and the Taurus mountains in background, partly covered with snow, Antalya is certainly worth the trip for the many impressive ancient historic sites in the immediate area, the chic boulevards in the newer section of the city, and above all, the old town, which has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Atrás Hacia las ofertas

Nombre: Aeropuerto de Antalya (AYT)
Ubicación: 10 km aprox. del centro de la ciudad

Name: Flughafen Antalya (AYT)
Lage: ca.10 km von Antalya Stadtzentrum
Flughafen Webseite: aytport.com
Taxi: Fahrt ins Stadtzentrum kostet zwischen 8 – 13€
Mehr Info: Antalya


Information Time Price
by Taxi from/to Antalya city centre approx. 20 min. 8 - 13 €